Avila Ridge Hike, SLO

Avila Ridge Hike


One of my fav hikes! Hikepeak.com writes, “Two parallel but varied trails explore the coast between Shell Beach and Avila Beach in San Luis Obispo County. Shell Beach Bluff Trail is an easy, wheelchair-friendly paved trail overlooking a picturesque cove. Ontario Ridge Trail is a rugged, sometimes-steep track crossing a 700-foot hill above the bluff. Put these two together for a 2.8-mile loop with 675 feet of elevation gain, and spectacular ocean views”

I start on the Shell Beach side (closer to the highway), the hardest part first. It’s a easy-medium hike that takes about an hour. The views are to DIE for. When David and I are feeling extra adventurous, we walk along the Pirate’s Cove (nude) Beach on our way back to the car. Always an interesting experience…

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