Weekend Bike Ride: SF-Tiburon Route



Nothing screams awesome workout like a 40 mile bike ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Yep, that’s what I did last weekend, and it was so nice. The above map shows the route that we took, and it really isn’t too bad. We biked pretty much all day, stopping in Tiburon for a hard-earned lunch as well. Easy, right?

Okay, so here’s the REAL story of how things ended up that day. First off, I was hungover Saturday morning…like, real hung over. ┬áLike, definitely in no shape for a 40 mile bike ride hang over. I know, that’s so #unhealthybex of me, but all I can say is that I am human and those cocktails were a TGIF necessity. Nonetheless, I gathered myself and got myself on my bike anyway. Originally, I planned this ride with my friend, Tim. It was supposed to be a casual, relaxed opportunity for us to do something fun together. We were supposed to meet at 10am at the Golden Gate Bridge (and naturally, I was late because well, remember I was hung over). I show up to find that Tim is with what he calls a “casual group of riders.” What Tim really meant to tell me (and forgot to mention) is that this is actually a quite serious group of riders…I’m talking everyone in padded bike shorts, sponsored shirts, fancy expensive bikes, you get the picture. Here I am, showing up in my T-shirt, Northface jacket, cute capri leggings and makeup from the night before. All I could think of was: THANK GOD I BOUGHT THOSE CLIP-IN SHOES. Ha, so let’s take a moment to talk about those clip-in shoes. Those things have been the biggest blessing and curse. I love love love wearing them as I climb hills; the truth is that despite the TGIF drinking, I was feeling really good climbing up the hills thanks to my new shoesies. Like, the endorphins suddenly kicked in and I felt 100% again, which is pretty freaking awesome. See ya, hangover. Okay, the curse part. Basically, your feet are glued to the bike, and you have to consciously know ahead of time when you’re going to need to put a foot down. You must unclip in advance. I will honestly admit that I fell not one but two times on this bike ride because of those stinkin’ shoes. I can’t describe it, but there’s a huge learning curve for me. Clipping out has to become second nature when you need to stop, and I’m just not there yet. The first time I fell was because Tim suddenly stopped and I wasn’t expecting it, so then I suddenly stopped and I didn’t have enough time to consciously unclip before trying to put my feet down. Thar she tips over. FML. Second time was probably my mistake (“probably” ha, who am I kidding….) I was trying to manuver through this tiny island and suddenly lost my balance on the foot that was still clipped in. Epic fail in front of a group of people. FML. Makes for a good laugh though. “Hey, did you see that girl just fall over on her bike? Bummer.”

So that’s been my experience with the clip-ins so far. When I’m moving, I’m perfectly fine…it’s just the stopping and being stationary part that is tricky. I estimate perhaps 5 more solid falls before I finally get the hang of ’em. They’re totally worth the embarrassment though, and the falls never really hurt. Still going to keep riding and trying. Thinking about joining some local bike groups – ride on, baby!

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