Multitasking: Simple Kitchen Workout


This is real life: working out in the kitchen while you wait for your food to cook in the oven! This here is a collection of easy exercise activities just about anyone can do in the kitchen.  These super fancy moves were done at my friend, Jake’s, house and he had a great countertop and kitchen island for me to play on.

Do 3 sets of each, starting from the top left (working clockwise):

  • Pike Hold: Just as you see it, try holding this position for at least 30 seconds. My arms were a shakin’!
  • Tricep Dips: Easy, right? 30 at a time!
  • Countertop Ab Crunches: Extend legs down and up, alternating between right and left sides. Try 15 on each side.
  • Have fun: I did these with friends around, and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. The last picture is my friend, Pat, with a giant piece of bacon photobombing my routine. At least giggles engage the core 🙂

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