Soulcycle Spin Class – San Francisco



Everyone’s ranting and raving about SOULCYCLE these days, so I figured I’d see what all this hype is about. It was really fun! I went with my sister-in-law and a friend and all three of us enjoyed the 45 minute, music-blasting cardio spin class.

You basically spend the first 30 minutes spinning with cardio music, alternating between sprints, climbs and push-ups in various saddle positions. Then you spend about 10 minutes using 2-3 lb weights on arms (while still slowly spinning simultaneously). And then the class ends with a cool-down stretch sequence. I didn’t really “find my soul” but I definitely got a good sweat going.

My review: It was fun, I liked the overall energy and music. But it was PACKED to the brim. One class is $30 which is kind of crazy considering the overall format wasn’t that much different than other spin classes. Truthfully, my highlight of the class was getting to spend time and exercise next to my bestie!

If you’re new to spin: I would definitely recommend SOULCYCLE just because they’ve created a fantastic culture of enthusiasm and positive energy. Plus, they make you wear clip-ins!

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